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Demand Generation is not just to get leads. Demand Gen activity is where you put your company, solutions, personality, and heart and soul out there for all to see. But more often than not Demand Generation is a once and done activity. So much effort is put into planning and hosting a webinar, or applying and being accepted to speak at a conference, or arranging an executive breakfast. But once done, the leads are counted, budget is closed, and an ROI is calculated. And then on to the next event. At Partner Marketing Services we see marketing activity as a chance to produce and capture content, and then repurpose and reuse for a longer marketing shelf life!

Developing a go-to-market strategy is 50% of the battle. The other 50% is to create a plan that is comprehensive, focused, and data driven. The third 50% is the hard work of execution. That's how we get a 150% of effort to achieve the success needed to stand apart from the competition and win! The team at Partner Marketing Services brings together years of experience and a keen understanding of the Cloud technology market. This combination of strategy, planning and hard work is what we bring to our clients to help them achieve success!

Champions aren't just found. Champions are made, and like everything worth making, they have to be made with care, sensitivity, and vision. Making champions isn't easy. But done strategically, with the proper end-game in mind, Champions can be a powerful force in your success! Champions are not made when deals close. They start from the beginning of the sales process. From the beginning ask yourself could this Customer help get more customers? If the answer is "yes", then decide the investments you need to make to make it so!

When crafting your story, learn to separate content and form. Don't be locked into traditional concept of data sheet or solution brief. Rather, see your Customer's story as material that can be molded into multiple forms - all at the same time! You can mold a case study, solution brief, blog post, video interview, webinar presentation, conference speaking sessions, and more on a single thread of narrative. Once you've crafted a powerful, central organizing narrative, then the power of your ideas and of your conviction will shine through regardless the form your content takes.

To maximize the impact of any marketing activity (and to squeeze more Return on Investment out of your marketing spend) you need to create, capture, and curate your narrative. Content that you create from one activity, needs to be extended into other areas of your message, and pushed through other channels - digital, social, video, etc. To do this effectively you need to curate and control the conversation, ensuring that your message gets the maximum exposure in the way that you want it to, using tools like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and the rest.

the partner marketing services methodology

Who is your target audience? What is their Persona? Where are they in their Buyer's Journey? Your Buyer isn't necessarily the end user. It could be a partner whose sales force you want leverage? Your Buyer could be investors. Or they could be opinion makers, or analysts. In other words your Buyer is anyone whom you want to "buy" your Company's products and services - with money, with media, with referrals, or sales teams. So know your target audience, and focus like a laser on their personas, and determine how Champions can help you reach them.

  • "The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers!" Shiv Singh (on a Pinterest Meme) Customers are sold. Champions are made! The Partner Marketing Services methodology is born out of years of marketing, alliances and sales activity over the time span of ever changing Digital and Marketing technology. With the rise of communication technologies, social media, online video, and niche communities of interest, the time has never been better to turn your Customers into Champions! Talk to us! We'll show you how!

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